Flash writing

I randomly participate in flash writing. Basically you’re given a prompt and you write a story based on said prompt. Sometimes there are word counts and sometimes there aren’t.

We were given this prompt “Hero or Heroine (your choice ) come home and their answering machine is blinking. They methodically listen to the first two messages. They get to the 3rd message and freeze. Why? ” and I wrote the below.

She couldn’t believe he had the nerve to call her. This was his weekend with Trina, now she would be heartbroken when she got home from school and found out she wouldn’t be spending the weekend with her daddy. Casey had given him a piece of her mind. He was always getting Trina’s hopes up and then dashing them to pieces. That little girl couldn’t take much more and neither could Casey.

After she had hung up on him he called right back. She hung up on him again. The phone rang moments later. She decided to ignore it and take a long hot soak in the tub with a good book. Completely relaxed and pruney Casey went downstairs to see what horrible message he had left this time. She grabbed a soda from the refrigerator and slowly made her way to the answering machine. The machine blinked indicated 3 messages. He had called 3 times?!

She pressed the play button. The first message was from the sperm donor of course. “Casey! Don’t hang up on me! I know you’re home, answer the freaking phone.”

Really?! He was angry at her? Delete and on to message two.

He was a little calmer this time. “Casey, I’m sorry I really am. Tell Trina I’m sorry too. That little girl means the world to me, but I just can’t get her this weekend. The new baby is sick, and Marie doesn’t want Trina making too much noise, he needs his rest you know.”

Hello, new family, goodbye Trina. That poor sweet girl didn’t deserve this. Delete.

She took a drink of her soda as she began to listen to the third message. Suddenly she couldn’t breathe. She had been taken by surprise and the soda had gone down the wrong pipe. Once she had quit coughing and had recovered, she pushed the play button again to hear the rest of the message.

“Casey, love?” began the rich baritone voice she loved. “Pack your bags. I hope you and Trina don’t have plans this weekend because I have 3 tickets to Disney World and a whole weekend to spend with the two best girls in the world.”


I missed my calling.

I’ve written a couple short stories. I’m working on a full length book. I’ve even got several ideas for other books. I’ve decided I want to write.

Now, I’ve had a few people I know (my husband, my sister and friend) read what I have finished on my book. They say it’s good. But the doubt fairy flying around in my head keeps saying “They are only saying that because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

I need some help with an idea. I ask friends and family and they just don’t get what I’m trying to do.

So I venture out of my little bubble and start looking for a writing group in my area. There aren’t any, at east none that I can find.

When I participated in Harlequin’s Blurb2Book contest I signed up for the writing community. I’ve posted. I’ve given ideas. I’ve asked for ideas. I finally put it out there that I wanted a critique partner/brainstormer. Two fellow writers messaged me and said they’d like to create a little online writing group.

I have been waiting on another critiquer to finish her final MS and send it to me so I could beta read it.

By Tuesday, I had 3 stories to critique. I had to critique 4 chapters of a LIH book, 1 chapter of a LIS book, and a complete LIS book. I have finished the 2 shorter critiques and I’m now working on the complete book.

I am thoroughly enjoying this!!! I think I have missed my calling!!! If I didn’t suck a grammar and English I’d consider changing careers. But I’m happy with my job so I’ll keep writing and critiquing a little on the side.

Right now, I’m anxiously awaiting the reviews of my writing.

Happy writing!

It’s that time of the year again

School starts Monday. My kids are excited to start school. They take after me, what can I say? Both kids got the teachers they wanted. Red will be in the 1st grade and LG will be in the 6th grade. My how time flies.

This year’s school supply list was much cheaper than last year’s list. The kids have all their supplies labeled with their names and put in their backpack.

I am excited for school to start. As a child, I never realized how my parents felt about school starting. It’s the routine. Summer time is free time. No routine just go with the flow. Parents need the routine just as much as he kids do.

Sneak Peek

I have had a busy week and the only internet access I could get was on my phone. Cell phones are not the best way to update a blog.

I had started working on a story several months ago and then learned about a contest with Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense. I entered it and didn’t make it past the first stage. I started a Twitter account and started following a bunch of writers. I’ve also been hanging around a writing forum so I’ve learned many things and my writing has grown.

I have a critique partner who has read the first three chapters and has given me some pointers. I had 30 pages written and was happy with them and then my computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. Luckily, I had emailed it to a friend so I was only going to have to rewrite just a couple of pages. I had to go back and take a look at something in the manuscript and found out it was an older version and not the one I thought it was. I think I’ve gotten it worked out the way it needs to be and now I can move forward with it.

I am going share the first page with you today. I hope you enjoy it!


“Maggie, this is Cody. Please answer the phone.” There was a pause. If he expected her to pick up the call, he was sadly mistaken. “Well if you won’t talk to me about the message painted on the side of the house will you at least talk to one of the deputies? I’ll send Deputy Grayson out tomorrow morning. Believe it or not, I just want to help.” He paused again “I’m here for you.”

Sure, he’s here for her. He wasn’t there for her six years ago. As a matter of fact, he had left her standing alone in a cloud of dust as he drove away. Imagine her surprise when she walked into the Sheriff’s office and found out he was the new Sheriff. Her reason for going to the Sheriff hadn’t mattered anymore, because Cody was the last person she wanted to talk to or get help from.

She pictured her father’s vandalized mail box and the words splashed on the side of the house. Much as she’d want someone to look into it, she would not ask him for help. She’d find help some other way, that’s if she needed it. Maggie deleted his message and moved on to the next.

There was no talking, just heavy breathing. “Are you ready to play a game? Let’s start with your boyfriend in the driveway. One for sorrow” And then there was nothing but a dial tone.

Who was that and what was he talking about? A boyfriend in her driveway? She didn’t have a boyfriend. She walked over to the window and cautiously peered out. There was someone in her driveway, all right. But who could it be? Cody! She didn’t think he would be sitting in her driveway.

She ran to the front door and yanked it open yelling his name.