The second child


How accurate is this picture?

My first child was so easy. She slept through the night from a young age. She was very well behaved. She always listened, I didn’t have to tell her repeatedly to do anything. The worst call I ever got from school (daycare) was that she had stuck a rock up her nose and they couldn’t get it out. She sneezed it out while we were waiting for her doctor’s appointment.

My second child, is a complete different story. He was a good baby, didn’t cry a lot slept mostly through the night. He was a little sickly with pneumonia before his first birthday so he slept in the swing next to the bed. Infancy wasn’t hard, when he started walking and talking, that’s when it got hard.

He has a super strong will. You could tell him not to do something and he would do it anyway, while looking you in the eyes. He still does it and he’s six. He also has an impulse control issue. But I wouldn’t change him for the world.


The dreaded writer’s block

I have it, I have writer’s block. I haven’t written more than 1000 words in 3 weeks. I am so frustrated. I open the document and stare at it. I type a little and then decide I don’t like it and delete it. I decide I need a break and get on social media. I go back to the document, more staring, more typing, more deleting. Back to social media. It’s an endless cycle.

I know where the story is heading and I know what needs to happen next but I can’t put it on paper. Insert groan. I’m waiting on the inspiration bug to come bite me on my bottom. Until then, I’ll just stare some more.