The Bridesmaid

The only thing she hated more than being a bridesmaid was flying across the country to be a bridesmaid. She’d been a bridesmaid so many times she could open her own bridal boutique with her dresses. Ok, maybe she was exaggerating but she was sure it was a lot. She had worn that pepto bismol pink dress for Jenny’s wedding, the brown potato sack dress for Cordelia’s wedding, her personal favorite was the blue mermaid dress for Jackie’s wedding. That dress was hideous, it had no room to walk. It was a straight line down with a lighter shade of blue tulle at the bottom. It was so gathered that she couldn’t take a normal step. Do you know how hard it is to baby step to the wedding march?

The dresses weren’t the only horrible things at the weddings she was a part of, they paled in comparison to some of the men that had walked her down the aisle. At Carrie’s wedding she was walked down the aisle by the groom’s younger brother, way younger, 15 to be exact. He may have been a young man but he acted like a grown man, all hands. She had smacked his hands away from her bottom a couple times before they walked down the aisle. Then at Erin’s wedding, her groomsman was every bit the gentlemen, except he smelled like onions and sauerkraut, she held her breath most of the way to the groom. At each wedding, there was at least one single groomsman that thought because she was single that they should hit on her.

The best part of all of those weddings was that they each had an open bar. She reminded herself of that each step down the decorated aisle. With each “accidental” feel. With each smelly breath.

If this were any other wedding she would bail but she couldn’t do that to Morgan. It’s not every day your little sister gets married. Family obligations trump any other feelings, comfort included.

She hated flying. The airplanes were too crowded and she was always stuck next to the most talkative flyer. This particular trip was even more horrendous than normal. A severe storm on her layover flight in Dallas grounded the planes. It wasn’t just any storm; it was left over from a hurricane that had hit land in the gulf.

She had spent the night in the airport, dozing as comfortably as she could next to her boarding gate. She missed the wedding rehearsal and the dinner. The bridesmaids were scheduled for a day of pampering at the spa she and Morgan had frequented since they were younger.

Finally, her flight was cleared for boarding and take off. She was mere hours away from home and that open bar. She had been to so many weddings, when she finally found the right man, she was going to elope.

She landed in time to run to their parent’s house and shower before being whisked away to the stylist and then on to the church.

Morgan looked so beautiful in her empire waist silk chiffon dress and just as she had promised the bridesmaids dresses were a simple and elegant burgundy.

“Oh, by the way, Kevin’s brother was going to walk you down the aisle but he was hit by a stomach bug so we had to find someone to fill in really quick. Just remember that I love you so very much.” Morgan said before she was whisked away for final make up touch ups and extra hairspray.

Dread filled her stomach. Morgan never said she loved her like that unless something bad happened. Like after Morgan had dyed her hair. She looked in the mirror and stared at bright orange hair and when Morgan came home after borrowing her car and putting a huge dent in the bumper.

She couldn’t wait for this to be over and get a glass of champagne.

“Places,” the wedding planner yelled.

She stood at the end of the line on the right side of the entry way. She couldn’t see any of the groomsman on the other side of the entry. She was anxious to see what kind of disaster would be walking her down the aisle.

It was her turn to join the groomsman and walk down the aisle but her groomsman wasn’t standing there. Panic set in, what was she supposed to do?

“I’m coming!” a familiar voice loudly whispered as he came into view.

Her eyes narrowed and she imaged steam was escaping from her ears as the heat started traveling up her neck and into her face. She was going to kill her. Kevin was going to be a widow before he even made it to the honeymoon.

“Ah, Serena. Kevin didn’t tell me that I’d be walking you down the aisle.”

“Well, Trace, Morgan didn’t tell me it would be you to walk me down the aisle.”

“Please play nice. Just hook arms, walk down the aisle and step to the side and then walk back to the exit after the wedding and then you won’t have to see or talk to each other anymore tonight.” Morgan’s pleading voice came from behind her.

He held out his arm for her to grab. She took it rather roughly and walked with him down the aisle to the large lattice arch filled with beautiful flowers that Kevin and Morgan were going to be married under. The same lattice arch that she and Trace were supposed to be married under 2 years ago.


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