I did it!!

I did it!!! I finished a rough draft of my first novel. I was giddy for the first 24 hours after I finished it. It’s below the word count but I have some things that I need to edit in to make up the word count. I made myself take a one week hiatus from all things novel related so I could start the editing process with fresh eyes.

I read two books, one published and one as a beta reader this last week but my mind kept going back to my novel and how I couldn’t wait to edit it and get it out to beta readers.

I have several other stories started. Now I need to decide which one I should work on next or should I do a spin off on the last one.

It’s amazing how I was able to craft 47,000 words into a living breathing story but now I am struggling with coming up with a 3-5 word title for it. Is a title really that hard?