Hibernation is over

Spring is here!

Well, I’m in Arkansas so it’s spring during the day and winter at night. Heater for the ride to work. AC for the ride home. There were snow flurries on my way to church Sunday and it was 80 degrees today. If you don’t like the weather just wait a couple days. 😛

I’ve been writing (not much), critiquing, reading (a bunch), editing Expecting Danger, and promoting Hidden Danger.

While I don’t know the exact sales numbers for Hidden Danger, I do know that it’s been in the top 100 for its category for about 3 weeks. Sure makes a girl feel good.

I’m waiting on my editor to send me the next round of edits on Expecting Danger. In the meantime, I’m going to buckle down and get Finding Danger finished. I want to have it to my editor by November 1st.

I’m going to review several books in the next couple of weeks. I’m even going to try to start doing author interviews. Help me, what questions do you wish you could ask authors?




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